Sunday, 14 September 2014

Idilio Origins Carenero Urratia Superior

Idilio Origins, a Swiss company, stand for "harmony with nature" and seeking out the rare cocoas to produce their premium chocolate (manufactured by Felchin). This 70% Venezuelan chocolate was of Carenero beans (named after the port they were once shipped from, otherwise a Trinitario), cane sugar, cocoa butter and studded with cacao nibs

The aroma was reminiscent of Porcelana, though more intense. It was leather, vanilla, creamy, exotic fruits, raspberry, spice and raisin. There was a sweetness like honey caramel. Sometimes when the nibs were exposed they'd subtly emit their usual scent - one that I'm not too keen on: earthy, alcoholic and almost chemically

This Swiss chocolate's melt was the creamiest, silkiest, smoothest I've yet experienced, naturally. The flavour was again similar to the Porcelana but stronger. The raspberry was significant and overlaid a chocolate body. There was a roasted element and with slight acidity. During my second tasting, I experienced a mild metallic/antiseptic/unripe banana/savoury note too (couldn't pinpoint precisely). The cacao nibs were not distinct in taste but they hinted a nuttiness and added to the acidity. When chewing, that nuttiness materialised and felt like praline: a rich chocolate and crushed hazelnut concoction. Surprisingly, I loved the texture of this chocolate. That was unusual because nibs in chocolate tend to ruin it for me, but I absolutely loved the crunches this bar offered

Fruity, sweet and chocolatey, this Carenero Urriata Superior was an extremely impressive chocolate and one that I really did love. It showed no signs of bitterness and was executed superbly. This was another great bar from Chocablog

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