Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fruition Rustic Crunch

Fruition are an American bean to bar company- located in the Catskill Mountains of New York- who've sourced their cocoa from a cooperative in San Martin, Peru 

The 70% Rustic Crunch was handcrafted from Peruvian cocoa and the "crunch" came [inevitably] from the cacao nibs studded on the bottom

Cinnamon and vanilla pranced around the nose. Behind those well defined yet delicate spices were light coconut and roasted notes. I quite enjoyed it. The nibs themselves had a subtle aroma: acidic and slightly alcoholic

On the tongue, right away, was cinnamon and, like a soldier, it persisted with great power too. A taste of cocoa gradually built up- making itself most clear when the nibs were nearly all what was left. I tasted apple, and I don't think that was my brain fooling me by pairing apple and cinnamon. When chewing, the Demerara sugar enhanced the sweetness, and boy was it sweet - I really liked it. The Demerara augmented the "crunch" sensation and made for a coarser melt. The flavours developed superbly when chewing, i.e. a 'chocolate' flavour kicked in and a rich, dark, caramel flavour came from the Demerara

The nibs added acidity but overall their unique taste disrupted the chocolate, though more satisfying than those in Chocolate and Love's. As I didn't enjoy the "crunch" of the nibs either, I don't think I'll ever acquire appreciation for nibs on chocolate. However, per se it was real great chocolate. I absolutely loved the coarser texture, crunchiness and the deep flavour all from the Demerara sugar

3 reasons why this chocolate worked: 1) the Demerara sugar took it to another level 2) I have big love for cinnamon and 3) the quality of cacao used (so, why thank you Mr.Chocablog)

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