Sunday, 28 September 2014

COCOA RUNNERS Award Winners & discount code

Cocoa Runners is a celebration of the bean-to-bar movement, and an idea I only wish I came up with. The Telegraph described Cocoa Runners' activity as "chocolate's equivalent of The Wine Society" as with a membership, you have access to the finest chocolate from around the world. When I received my box, I knew I was getting the good stuff. My box was the 'Award Winners' box which meant that each of the four bars had won stars in this years Great Taste Awards. Nonetheless, if it wasn't the Award Winners box, I'd still know I was getting the good stuff. Cocoa Runners choose few bars to feature in their boxes and 'library' amongst the many hundreds that they taste. It's that kind of quality assurance that makes you know you're getting good, real chocolate

The box once open, with the antique world map, creates a feeling of exploration, like Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas. And it was just that, and then some... as before me I had origins of Tobago, Madagascar and Vietnam
I'm going to write up on each bar indivually, but the bars I received were:
Tobago Estate Chocolate 70% (made by Pralus), its won a Silver Academy of Chocolate award
Marou Treasure Island 75%
Åkesson's 75% Madagscar with Wild Pepper, its won Gold in International Chocolate Awards and Academy of Chocolate
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé 72% Madagascar (using cocoa from Åkesson's plantation)

An interesting selection, as I hadn't tried any of them before, however I do already have Rózsavögyi in my collection, so I hope I enjoy it. Initially, I was most looking forward to the Marou bar as Marou's Ba Ria was superb, but then, after looking at the Tobago Estate flavour profile and liking what I saw, I wasn't too sure which I was more excited for. Then I remembered how Madagascan cocoa interests me, flavour wise with its fruitiness, so I think it's best to say that the Rózsavögyi, Marou and Tobago Estate are equally making me eager to taste. Åkesson's has been highly rated, but I'm least excited to try this bar. If it didn't have the pepper, I'd have more enthusiasm for it!

If you want this Award Winners box, you can use the discount code of HARMONY1, before the end of October, and get 20% (£4) off! So that's £15.95 inc. p&p for £26.35 worth of chocolate

To subscribe to Cocoa Runners monthly subscription boxes, click here to find out more. There's also occasion boxes, like mine, which can be bought individually and those range from £17.45-£34.95, mine was £19.95. I think it's perfect for a gift or for dinner parties but even more perfect just for yourself! 

What's also cool is that if you know what you like when it comes to chocolate or just want to buy single bars, you can explore Cocoa Runners chocolate library. And in this library you can refine your search by maker, %, origin, flavours, textures etc. But, if you're interested and want to experience a well-thought selection, I highly recommend trying the box. You will then be able to refine your palate, knowing what you like and what you don't 

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