Friday, 25 September 2015

Vivani Rice Choc 40%

Vivani, not to be confused with Vanini, has a slogan of "the art of chocolate", which seems to ring true in every way. From resources to chocolate making to packaging design to their social impact. Their ingredients are organically grown, their cocoa is of top quality, their dark chocolate recipe scored maximum marks by gourmet magazine Savoir Vivre, the packaging artwork by Annette Wessel is beautiful, and they have a project aiming to stop and prevent child labour
Rice Choc ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice drink powder, hazelnut paste, bourbon vanilla. The cocoa mass is a perfected secret blend of Latin American and African cocoa, and the sugar is raw due to the retention of minerals. This really is chocolate with a conscience 

The aroma was very milk chocolate, vanilla and coconut. The texture was very smooth and soft in the mouth, also very soft to touch. The taste had hints of curry powder and pepper in a vanilla sugar syrup

How sweet it is, it means vegans and people with a lactose intolerance who have an intense sweet tooth will enjoy this chocolate. I would definitely recommend this bar over Zotter's vegan-milk substitute, however it doesn't hit the spot like real-milk chocolate does. But as a vegan 'milk' chocolate it totally works! It is enjoyable, just surprisingly sweet

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