Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pacari Raw with Andean Blueberry

Pacari is a maker who I have familiarised myself with. I recognise their chocolate having the 'Pacari aura' - or what I write in my notes: Pacari perfume. This 70% raw chocolate with wild Andean blueberries had that perfume in aroma. It also had Ecuadorian floral and earthiness with a cranberry tartness
The taste was the above's Ecuadorian, also a blue, mellow fruitiness, not strictly blueberry. This chocolate was sweet and VERY chocolate, with subtle coffee and earth and the perfume finishing each bite 

The subtle crunches and chewiness of the blueberries were very nice - I always tend to chew chocolate. Interestingly I only saw one bit of blueberry, but of course there were more 

This was an enjoyable bar, but as an inclusion bar it seemed a little weak on its performance. However, it's often rare to get a pure blueberry flavour from even just blueberries

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