Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kakawa Mango & Chilli CD and Salted Caramel bar

In my mind, a Snapchat from my brother said something about finding cool buttons in Australia (chocolate obviously). A parcel was sent from Australia to London - and it's not quite buttons, but something that seems pretty cooler

Kakawa pride themselves in using the finest natural ingredients and avoiding preservatives and artificial flavours in their chocolate making. They're chocolatiers based in Sydney
There was a little damage here and there but it was from all the way down under. I don't know where to start with this bar, because oh wow! Sucking out that rich, rich chocolate caramel... The caramel had a dark toffee chocolate flavour and then the chocolate coating itself would melt, collapsing into the equation. There was also something almost fruity within the taste and vanilla
Now to the cd. The chewy mango pieces had a very subtle flavour, though such little fruitiness seemed to work nicely with the chocolate, as it made it seem more delicate. Though I think a stronger mango flavour would have been better. The chilli left the biggest impact, as it would tingle on the back of the throat

The cd was certainly good quality chocolate. But, hats off to that Salted Caramel bar ... it was beautiful

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