Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lifefood 80% organic bio raw vegan

Lifefood is not a name that those interested in chocolate will necessarily recognise, more those interested in nutrition. However I know a few chocolate bars marketed to the nutritional market, but do not recognise this name. This isn't bean to bar chocolate. It resembles the homemade "good for you" chocolate, made from cacao butter, cacao powder, agave syrup and ground vanilla - all raw, all organic. The production does not exceed 42°c
The aroma was very pleasant. Nicely floral and vanilla. It broke very easily and very differently to real chocolate. The taste was again flowery, and surprisingly sweet. The bitterness came eventually, making the finish taste solely of cocoa powder

The texture was gummy then ashy and then very bitty nearing the end
Rogue chocolate said well: If you eat chocolate because they told you it's health food, you're doing it wrong

The taste was nice, but not a chocolate I would recommend, unless you are into raw-food, as the same day I ate it, I looked for it in a health food store to buy for somebody. I liked that it promoted the benefits of cacao, but it just ignored the bean to bar mantra of which I advocate

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