Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bettina & Niccolò Corallo

Bettina & Niccolò is a coffee shop located uptown Lisbon. The picture above isn't the best, but it was from the angle I arrived at. So believe me when I say that the interior was fantastic! It was simplistic: wood decor, a glass window below the counter showing thin slabs of chocolate piled on top of each other - all different types. Behind the counter was a lime green La Marzocco making espressos and coffee bean bags hanging on the wall

Firstly was a 70% Bolivia with fleur de sel & pepper. The taste was pepper lighting above a very fruity chocolate. The Bolivian showed great acidity, with some vinegar notes and as well it had a mild chocolate taste to it. The salt worked really well as it just enhanced the flavour. The spice and sweet salted-ness finished the chocolate

I then opted for a bar of Venezuela 80%. It had a metallic, lighty fruited acidity (plum) aroma. The chocolate, unknown to me at first, had added sugar crystals, giving a crunchy texture that I likened to crushed rice crisps. The taste was nutty, metallic and dark chocolate. There was also slight astringency. My very last bite was rich chocolate cake

Along with an awesome São Tomé acidic espresso, far from your average espresso, you get to choose a piece of chocolate to have with it. I chose sesame seed, and it was so good. I also sampled their chocolate sorbet and that was very rich!

A thick slab of Piedmont hazelnut "Bolivian" chocolate was brought home, packed in one of those cool brown paper coffee bags. It experienced some bloom on my behalf, but it still looked tasty. The aroma was hazelnut (which was kinda 'cheesy'), reminding me of Amedei's gianduja. I don't think it was Bolivian chocolate. The hazelnut was bitter and the chocolate had a milk and metallic taste. The texture was truffle-like. I would liken this bar to Hotel Chocolat's Supermilk with hazelnuts!

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