Thursday, 17 September 2015

Chocolataria Equador, Lisbon

Sadly the Caramel and the Praline & Jamaican Pepper bonbons had sold out, but with what I had chosen I wasn't too setback 

Chocolataria Equador works with lots of different and enticing flavours with chocolate, and all in different forms; from bars to bonbons to sardines (not real sardines, but they are something of a Portuguese icon) to truffles

First off was the Port truffle. The ganache melted wonderfully on the tongue. The flavour was excellent: sweet port with bitter cocoa and rich chocolate. It wasn't too sweet and I was surprised at how highly I thought of it! I didn't expect such quality

The Coffee & Caramel truffle had a lighter colour ganache (the caramel), of which had a thicker, and slightly chewy texture. The flavour to begin with was solely toffee, but then came the coffee, and together it was greatness!

The Yuzu & Cinnamon bonbon started with a bouquet of bright flowers, then a very vibrant tangerine zinged out. I was left just waiting in anticipation for the cinnamon, but it was never quite cinnamon, more a peppered spice which gave a sense heat. So this bonbon wasn't so much cinnamon, but very tangerine (YUZU)

I 100% regret only buying three of these handmade chocolates, as I was so impressed with them! I planned to go back, but I just didn't have the time. If you're ever in Lisbon (or Porto) I really do recommend Equador's chocolates! 

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