Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Chocolat Bonnat Haiti 75

I bought Bonnat's Madagascar last time I was in France. After being disappointed with it, seeing as I was in France again, I thought to have another go with Bonnat, as it could have just been an unfortunate bar; Bonnat have had excellent acclaim

Haiti is to the left of the Dominican Republic, sharing one single island. I love Dominican Republic cacao - so being a Hispaniola chocolate, and having a 2€ higher price tag than some other Bonnat bars, I had high expectations for this deep pink wrapped chocolate bar

The aroma was ... um ... eventually green, tea leaves ... caramel

The taste was ... um ... buttery, eventually cocoa bitterness, deep roast slowly became toasty. Later there were hints of acidity. The texture was incredibly buttery, almost greasy, and with the lack of flavour I imagined just eating cocoa butter

French chocolate is butter rich, but overdo it and the flavour is lost. Bonnat overdo it, in my humble opinion, whereas French maker Cluizel manages to just get away with ample cocoa butter, as does Pralus, both of whom's chocolate burst with flavour, unlike Bonnat ...

My third attempt, which was the next morning, showed improvement. There was more acidity, though still very subtle. The roasted profile suggests over-roasted beans

The good about Bonnat is the old-fashioned packaging and how it feels wrapped, that the ingredients list is simple: cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar

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  1. Haiti beans have a high criollo content, so look for smoothness. If you want a kick, eat chocolate made from forastero beans from Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc).They will give you the kick alright, but no subtleties you would expect from crillos!