Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Droga Money on Honey

Droga confectioners/chocolatiers seem pretty cool. I say that because they use great ingredients, have real nice, slick packaging and reside in California

Money on Honey are soft and chewy caramels, made with locally-harvested Bennett's Honey Farm wildflower honey (into a caramel with sugar and Californian cream and butter), enrobed in Californian-made dark chocolate (Guittard) and sprinkled with French fleur de sel sea salt. The ingredients are 100% natural - and kosher ... so Jewish friendly

When the layers come together it's a good chocolate: the subtly floral (but very rich) caramel, the dark chocolate and the crunches of salt. The salt was hugely welcomed, as it enhanced and brightened the flavour! When the palate cleared there came a pure honey flavour, which wasn't there before

Sometimes there was a slight demeaning taste, which I think came from the exterior of the chocolate coating - possibly tainted/air exposed. However, this came and went very quickly  

Money on Honey 9 piece box is $16.95 which is about £10.95. I bought it from Marks & Spencer, where it retails for £10, though I bought it on sale, so I only paid quarter of the price ;)

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