Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pacari Salt & Nibs, and Raw

Here are two different salt and nib chocolate bars from Pacari. Both made from "pure Arriba Ecuadorian cacao", but one raw with coconut sugar and the other roasted with cane sugar

I first tried them with a friend over coffee, both agreeing that they paired excellent with coffee!? We could distinguish that they tasted different, having preference for the RAW 70%, but for the purpose of my reviews, I tried them again to pick up on their nuances 

Raw 70% with Salt & Nibs
The aroma was green, floral, citrusy, with an overlaying vanilla and coconut. In tasting, the nibs were more distinct here than in the other bar, they had that metallic kinda flavour - due to the rawness. The salt worked very well, however when tasting again later it often became too saline. The chocolate beyond the salt had a strong taste of coffee and toastiness (which seemed ironic because it was raw)

Cuzco Pink Salt & Nibs
This salt was from Cuzco in Peru and the chocolate was a 65%. The aroma was leather, vanilla and coconut. The flavour was very smoky, then with a coconut taste (which resembles, to me, cheap dark chocolate) but then that fades out, with the smokiness dominating again. This bar wasn't too salty and it was sweeter tasting than its precursor, however I much preferred the RAW 70%

I like how Pacari state the % cocoa mass and % butter, and I overall like Pacari very much! The crunchy texture was enjoyable and I would recommend these bars. Interestingly, these chocolates tasted best with coffee

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