Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Zotter Labooko Belize Toledo 82%

The cacao within Zotter's Belize Toledo (minus the added cocoa butter) is grown by Mayan cacao farmers, who live in the middle of the jungle away from the restless Belize City. I chose this bar as I've had Zotter's Belize Special before. Both having cocoa beans from the Toledo Cacao Growers - could they be much different? 
The aroma was literally a perfume; there was juicy raisin, leather, prune, bergamot 

The taste was dark, bitter and roasted for a long while, and annoyingly 'watered' down. It takes some time, but finally comes some fruitiness - and quite a bit of fruitiness. Once there was a herb, though I never worked out which, and bergamot and it was fairly floral
The answer is yes, they could be much different. I had preference for the Belize Special over this 82%. It has taken me a while to consider but I notice Zotter Labooko has a distinct note to it that suggests bubblegum and flowers. And oh, I feel Belize cacao has more flavour than Zotter lets on...

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