Monday, 17 August 2015

Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67%

Sāo Tomé is an island amidst the Gulf of Guinea, and is a shield volcano rising from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean

This single estate chocolate, like always with Cluizel, has added cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod and no emulsifier

The aroma had a dark depth to it. Vanilla, tobacco, ash, leather, pure dark chocolate, a hitting spice - it came when unexpected and abruptly - and fur ... musty? musky? 
The flavour was firstly roasted, with smoke and woody tones to it. A dark chocolate taste came through, which then opened up lots of sweetness, turning now into dark chocolate syrup. I also got Coco Pops® with a fair bit of milk. All this chocolatiness was very interestingly followed by raspberry! The distinct red, buzzy fruit came only nearing the end of each tasting 

Cluizel's Vila Gracinda tastes as if it were the richest, most wonderful chocolate cake in the world (like Ottolenghi's recipe). I have had great experience with Cluizel before, the Los Ancones bar was heaven, even Friis-Holm agreed. I found online that someone thought this Vila Gracinda may rival the Los Ancones, although it doesn't win, I am somewhat convinced 

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