Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Chocolat Bonnat Madagascar 75%

I bought this chocolate when in Nice, and I chose it because Bonnat is a highly acclaimed French chocolate manufacturer (making bean-to-bar) and because it was made with beans associated with fruitiness - Madagascar! Bonnat make their chocolate bars with more cocoa butter than sugar, which creates the 'traditional' style, but this style is one that I am not so keen on. I like smoothness, but not so much when it becomes a buttery texture and impacts on the flavour - and especially when compared to the rustic style of craft chocolate
The aroma was cream crackers, nothing more. The taste was bran-flakes, toasty, cocoa in water (dutch-processed), buttery. This chocolate was so, so, so buttery - taste and texture, and lacked complexity. Its taste reminided me of a couverture brownie, it lacked that intense 'chocolate' edge
With my third approach at this bar, I did actually sense some acidity. It was only really in the aroma, a little in the taste, however it was not enough to be fruity or give a more prominent flavour. I am convinced this chocolate bar was just an unfortunate bar (a poorer harvest), as I have seen only positive critiques of this Madagascar, and it's been said to be very fruity. Though, if it had been fruity I still don't know whether I would have enjoyed it ... as it was far too buttery. Bonnat, although creamy and mellow, didn't seem to have Cluizel's or Domori's finesse in velvety smoothness

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  1. Harmony, you certainly come across as possessing an experienced and refined chocolate palate, especially considering your age! And you describe tastes and flavours well. I guess working in a chocolate shop will do that!