Sunday, 9 August 2015

Zotter Labooko Loma Los Pinos 62%

Made from Yacao cacao from the Dominican Republic, conched for 16 hours with quite a bit of sugar, because that's "just the way Latin Americans like it"
The aroma was archetypal 'fruity' chocolate, it too was green (with a dryness) and leather

The taste was fruity, red jammy, toasty, sugar syrup, blackberry. It was pretty sweet and classically Dominican - fruity! Later with my second bar I found it to be that little more complex. Thoughts of Unicum (Hungarian liqueur), but then more specifically I picked up on liquorice root

The texture was smooth, kinda gummy, and the snap wasn't sharp. Overall, this chocolate had a nice flavour and relaxed experience. It wasn't as stimulating as other dark chocolate, I could easily substitute a milk chocolate yearning for this

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