Monday, 6 June 2016

Zotter Labooko Bouquet of Flowers

Unfortunately, none of these pictures are mine, all are taken from Zotter's website! The chocolate melted when in my pocket, and it was late, so I thought best not to take pictures...
Firstly is the "Cashew Nougat with Meadow Flowers" bar. It was a cashew nougat blended with milk chocolate. There were marigolds, daisies, cornflowers, with a touch of lemon and cinnamon. Then the "Almond Roses" bar, which was an almond nougat made with caramelised Spanish almonds and blended with white chocolate, covered in rose petals, enhanced with a little rose oil, ginger and cinnamon!

I will just note that Zotter says the Almond Roses bar is a white chocolate, but cocoa mass IS on the ingredients list (cocoa mass is not in white chocolate, only cocoa butter). The ingredients of these bars are also a little different to what it says online. Zotter has occasionally confused me with their ingredients list
To be honest, I did not have high expectations of the chocolate. I took a bite of the roses bar, and oh! my! god! Then I went to the cashew flowers bar, and wow! I was trying to figure out WHICH I preferred, oscillating from each. I just couldn't, both were incredible 

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