Monday, 27 June 2016

Zotter Labooko 75% Ghana & Colombia

Zotter's Labooko CONTEST range pairs two chocolate bars together for comparison. The range mainly includes different origins at the same cacao %, to show the diversity of cacao flavour
The Ghanaian had an aroma very chocolate and of wheat. The Colombian was more fruity and herby, with gherkin. In picture, they look very similar, however in real the Ghanian was a little darker

The snaps were crisp and clean, typical of Labooko dark
The flavour of the Ghana was wheat, chocolate, cake batter, with something almost meat-like. The Colombia, on the other hand, was more flavourful. I did expect that! It had fruits and acidity, garden cress, tequila. The Colombian was a lot more vibrant

The idea of the comparison seems a good starting point to those unaware that different origins have different flavour profiles 

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