Saturday, 18 June 2016

Chocolate and Love Panama 80%

Chocolate and Love is like a chocolate social enterprise. The chocolate is made in Switzerland, using Fairtrade cacao from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Panama. All the ingredients within the chocolate are certified organic and Fairtrade, also you are given the cooperatives who grows them (i.e the cacao, sugar, vanilla). There are no emulsifiers within

In this 80% dark, the cacao came from the COCABO cooperation in Panama

The chocolate was dark in colour. The aroma distant, chiefly vanilla, butter. The taste was very cocoa powder, some light acidity opens up to make it that little bit more complex. Overall, the flavour was very soft and one dimensional, purely chocolate. The texture was buttery, yet very cocoa dust, as if extra cocoa powder had been added (however, this was not the case)
An easy dark chocolate. Slow to eat. It's a good bar if you enjoy the pure chocolate flavour. I thought this chocolate would work well for a rich, dark chocolate cake!

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