Friday, 24 June 2016

El Caibo Bolivia 75% & 60% with Coffee

El Ceibo chocolate is made with beans grown by the farmers of El Ceibo in Alto Beni in Bolivia

A craft chocolate enthusiast returned back from Bolivia, and over coffee at Workshop Coffee, walked me through his Bolivian trip. He, Tommy, visited few plantations, bought a lot of Bolivian chocolate, and brought home with him a cacao pod. From what Tommy had told me, I learnt a lot about El Ceibo: from the land and the cacao to the fermentation and drying

"our land / our trees / our chocolate"
All the cacao within is organic. The 75% was leather and vanilla smelling, OK. The melting texture was slow. The taste was metallic, roasted, earth, with a strong acidity sparking up. The acidity was good, quite sour, different

The 60% dark milk ("dark milk" being very in right now) with organic Bolivian coffee. The coffee had been grown by El Ceibo. The coffee added crunch. It was overall sweet, caramel, tropical juice, beautiful

Why is it that tree-to-bar chocolate, that is chocolate made at origin, is a rarity amongst the craft chocolate bars found in the US, Europe etc., of where craft chocolate and "bean to bar" are the buzz words of GREAT chocolate? 

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