Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Kimberley's Handmade Chocolates

My first thought when I saw these chocolates were that they were handmade - tempting - then my second thought, immediately following my first, was that I recognised the Kimberley's name...remembering that I had had Kimberley's salted caramel before and absolutely loved it - temptation accepted

The unwrapping and opening up of a chocolate box is one of my favourite things. Though I was a little disappointed when I saw some of the dark chocolates had bloomed. My ballotin had 15, from an assortment of 22, chocolates tightly packed together

Caramel & Praline
It took a while for the caramel and praline flavours to pronounce themselves. The two complemented each other, but overall I wasn't all too pleased. It was more an almond nuttiness than a hazelnut. The bloom upon it was a shame too

Pistachio & Almond
The almond brought an alcoholic taste, it was like Amaretto. It had a nice texture but I didn't quite get the pistachio flavour

Amaretto & Praline
I thought the praline worked wonderfully with the Amaretto, though it took a while for that hazelnut to come through. I liked the texture of this chocolate with its smooth filling and hard base

Strawberry Crème Fraîche
A seriously creamy strawberry flavour. I think white chocolate and strawberry are a killer combination. Before this chocolate, I had the Banana Crème Fraîche which was extremely disappointing. The Banana had such a soft coating that would change shape in my fingers and felt a little moist and neither did it taste of banana. However this Strawberry chocolate was far nicer. I also had a Lemon Crème Fraîche, but that was a disaster tasted like bleach; and an Apricot Crème Fraîche, which wasn't too bad but like apricot yogurt

Rum & Raisin
Again, another killer combination. Rum & raisin are two beautiful flavours and this chocolate executed them brilliantly. There were little sharp hits in the rum-infused-cream and the pieces of raisin brought real flavour when bitten. The chocolate coating on this chocolate had bloomed too, but I liked the barrel mould of it

Salted Caramel
Wow, it was just as good as I remembered it. The caramel was soft and viscous with a rich dark flavour. The salt touched the tongue and enhanced the already magnificent flavour

Pecan & Maple Syrup
Wow, maple syrup with a salted touch. This chocolate was superb. The pecan on top unexpectedly brought flavour to the chocolate. I loved the texture too

Coffee Crème Fraîche
The coffee bean on top was a great touch. I love a coffee chocolate, this one tasting of cappuccino, but really it wasn't anything special. In fact, I wasn't so keen on any of the Crème Fraîche chocolates. It could have been their unusual textures or just that crème fraîche isn't as satisfying as creamy ganache

Milk Chocolate Mousse
As it was a mousse, I was expecting a softer and lighter texture, it was airy but actually very dense. The flavour was boring and had absorbed the aromas of the other chocolates into its flavour. I also had a mousse which was coated in white chocolate but it was no different

After leaving Kimberley's factory and prior to me buying them, I know these chocolates weren't best looked after...being subject to the improper temperatures. Despite this, and that they weren't the highest quality (though better than most), I did love doing my favourite pastime: eating through a box of chocolates

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