Monday, 21 July 2014

Chocolate and Love Dark Milk Chocolate 55% with Cacao Nibs

Chocolate and Love's cacao is sourced from their 3 Fairtrade partners in Peru and The Dominican Republic. It was promising to see that the chocolate avoided soya lecithin. The vanilla was Fairtrade from Madagascar. Chocolate and Love seemed like a company striving in ethics, could their chocolate live up to their high moral?

The milk chocolate was of 55% cocoa. I loved the packaging design and, even more so, seeing cocoa mass enlisted before cocoa butter. The aroma was lovely: creamy, butter, fragrant vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate and a little fruity
The taste, though disrupted by the cacao nibs, mirrored the aroma. The nibs added a mix of cereal grain, almond, distilled alcohol, banana. The whole composition: I loved the acidic undertones, the chocolate banana bread taste, the creaminess

The texture was beautifully smooth, the milkfat and cocoa butter did wonders for the tongue, and when chewing it felt like a truffle. The nibs added a crunch which was disruptive, but positive disruption. This chocolate isn't quite milk chocolate as we know it, considering it does not state its milk %, but I liked it. It had a strong cocoa body and finish, and it wasn't too sweet. Excellent

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