Thursday, 10 July 2014

Willie's Cacao Peruvian Gold Chulucanas 70

This single estate Criollo cacao from Chulucanas, a town in the Morropón Province within the Piura region of Peru, promised instant gratification with notes of plum and raisin

Willie's Cacao Peruvian chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter & Cuban raw cane sugar

The aroma, like Willie's Peruvian Black (100% Chulucanas cacao), was juicy, sweet raisin and prunes with an earthy undertone. It reminded me of chocolate covered plums I used to eat from Poland when I was younger, my brother too said it reminded him of Polish (jam) pastries our mum would buy. The chocolate had an overlaying cranberry, alcohol/"urine" spiced aroma, of which seems a distinct attribute of Peruvian cacao
In the mouth the chocolate bursted with a grape acidity. After that initial crispness it softened to olive oil, rapidly surfacing a sweetness: balsamic vinegar, dark red fruit, a red wine, though still remained juicy and refreshing. A bitter cocoa was brief in the finish, with a tart cranberry, sweet wild berry and red wine dominating the finish of the chocolate. This is a heavy roast, but apart from that it's very juicy and luscious
The chocolate had a crisp snap and a long, beautiful, smooth melt. Peruvian cacao isn't so much "my style", but I did enjoy this chocolate. I feel passionately towards Willie's Cacao after watching his hit TV documentary, and I feel passionate towards Willie's Cacao's chocolate


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