Sunday, 5 July 2015

Zangio Artisan Chocolates

Zangio is a family chocolaterie, of which I had planned on visiting when in Budapest. It's a small shop, within the Jewish quarter, with "workshop choc" catching the eye more than the name. They have won Academy of Chocolate awards! It was a shame I had only chosen 4 chocolates - I spent a while choosing, so it felt like I had more ...

I had to stop at a bar to eat them as they were surely melting. That was a regretful decision as the table was out in the sun and so I had to eat them fairly quickly. Though I did still take note of each's flavour, I wish I could have felt more comfortable, so all dedication was on the chocolate I was tasting

The Spiced Fig had a subtle fig flavour. I had forgotten what this chocolate was and thought it was maybe plum

Honey Almond- I had forgotten this one too and thought maybe a not-quite-hazelnut praline. I was fairly close. The honey was Linden Honey

Salted Caramel- the salt came in later, and just aggrandised the already lovely flavour. Ah, now Zangio has started to impress me

The Smoky Tea was beautiful, with delicate flavours and the heavy smokiness. The tea was Lapsang Souchong 

Overall, if you're ever in Budapest, Zangio is a must-try! The chocolates are made there fresh, without any artifical additives/preservatives. The latter two impressed me greatly, especially that Smoky Tea. I wish I could try the first two again so I could concentrate more on them but also I'd like to try every single Zangio chocolate! But oh wow, that Smoky Tea 

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  1. You are welcome! Try it again!
    Olga - the end-letter from ZANGIO