Friday, 17 July 2015

Fruition 70% Peru

I've had Fruition before, the Rustic Crunch, that was impressive. Fruition are bean-to-bar makers in the Catskills Mountains, NY who have revolved their chocolate around Peruvian beans from small organic co-operatives. They specifically have made a Marañón bar, which is still Peruvian but more traceable to the consumer. However, they have also made bars with Hispaniola and Camino Verde (Ecuador) beans!
This bar was £8.95 from Cocoa Runners so, for a non-US resident, this bar is expensive!

The aroma was chocolate, toasted, leather and vanilla. The snap: good, the texture: smooth

The taste was cocoa, with the roast evident, then came a distinct lemon which is very buzzy. This acidity also suggested apple cider vinegar (to my surprise, I see that I found an apple taste in the Rustic Crunch too). Beneath this acidity, the dark chocolate flavour and greenery balances with the lemon, so it's not overly sour. There was cinnamon spice, and mint: of which almost seemed to cleanse the palate! 

Having this chocolate, you almost feel as if it has lemon oil in it

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