Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pitch Dark Fiji 73%

These cocoa beans are from the Namau village in Fiji, and Pitch Dark is the only maker currently producing chocolate with them. Pitch Dark are Portland, Oregon chocolate crafters, "combining proven old-world methods with new and innovative technology, [doing their] best to highlight the character and personality of [their] handpicked single origin cocoa beans"

... and all the way around here... FIJI. You can't get any further away before you start coming back. (The Truman Show)
An aroma so dill (the herb), little soured and very earthy/dark. The taste was bitter, cocoa, dark roast, then comes the sweetness amongst it all. A very dark, rich tasting chocolate, pretty smoky too! There was a warmly welcomed honey and creamed coffee nearing the finish, but it's the bitter roast that finishes. In one piece I actually found the dill in taste too 

The packaging is very cool. This 52.7g bar was £7.95 from Cocoa Runners (pricey), but $7 (£4.45) if bought in Portland, USA. The origin of Fiji is unique, I chose because it would be an interesting bar for me. There was an element I liked about this bar (the sweetness amongst cocoa and how it was just CHOCOLATE), but the heavy roasted flavour wasn't to my taste

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