Monday, 6 July 2015

Zotter Pistachios

I found this bar on special in a chocolate shop in Budapest, I couldn't resist. Mountain Milk Chocolate with marzipan and pistachios. The Iranian pistachios were "first processed into marzipan and mixed with aniseed tea, then garnished into the almond-nougat base layer" - I bought unaware of it having marzipan

Overall it was an enjoyable chocolate bar, I am partial to the chunkiness of Zotter's handscooped bars

However, it was the almond marzipan that dominated. The pistachio and unsurprisingly the aniseed, lemon, rose and cinnamon flavours were lost

I liked that it was creamy tasting and as was the 50% cocoa Mountain milk chocolate coating. I enjoy marzipan so I wasn't too disappointed with the lack of pistachio, but I couldn't help but wish that the pistachios were roasted and salted - especially after Hotel Chocolat's Salted Pistachio 

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