Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Bonbons

This was the one place I had to visit when in Budapest. And really "it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight." I felt jittery when I finally found the shop. There was a CHUAO cocoa bag in the window and inside it smelt wonderful. The smell wasn't of what is associated with chocolate. I cannot even describe it, but, it was real chocolate. Oh my ... fine cocoa!

I chose 6 bonbons and they were put into a paper cone. I then walked 2 miles, in the hot sun, back to the apartment, praying that they wouldn't melt in my backpack! - A few days later I went back and bought 3 of them again (as I wasn't confident in my first tasting notes on them) and then the Lemon Oil Caramel too

Sour Cherry Pálinka & Raspberry: with my first one I noted raspberry but my second was predominately cherry. However, I'd have loved there to have been an alcoholic kick - like the shot of Pálinka I was given after dinner one night (Pálinka is a Hungarian brandy)

Smoked Wood: I was told it was infused with tea. WoooooAAAAAHHHHH, the taste was extremely chocolate brownie! And with my second one it was the same but now I noticed wood, however it was not a smoky flavour (I'd have liked it smoky, like Zangio's)

Praline: feuilletine crunches! Initially the taste was hazelnut, then almond then the hazelnut again and to finish was roasted almond

Calamansi: was firstly lemon, then lime (as it became more bitter than sour), then orange peel and at all times there was a minty flavour. Oh wow, so much flavour. Although it wasn't one I loved so much, I appreciated it tremendously as it was immensely dynamic

Chestnut Honey: this one was very interesting. It was like ... antiseptic. There was a hint of cherry (with my second I noticed there was definitely subtle fruitiness). It was medicinal and with a unique sweetness. This was quite fascinating

Blue Mountain Coffee: check that shine. It was a strong coffee with a gloriously smooth ganache texture. An acidity comes through and then a slight bitterness finishes

Lemon Oil Caramel: (unpictured - but it was a green dome) I was caught off-guard with the liquid caramel. I was walking near the Central Market Hall, bit in and the caramel came gushing. Thankfully it dripped onto the paper cone. Anyway, magnificent! The lemon was SO lemon! Like sorbet or lemon icing. Very citrusy, so bright, wow, the caramel was buttery too. So fresh and rich tasting! 

Overall, EXCELLENT! Freshly handmade chocolates with delicate flavours. I think Rózsavölgyi are excellent chocolate makers (having tried their Madagascar and I also bought their Carenero bar) and they are excellent chocolatiers too! Every bonbon smelt just wonderful (especially the caramel within the Lemon one) - they had the soft green/earthy aroma notes of Rózsavölgyi's own chocolate ... so beautiful and sophisticated 

Rózsavölgyi to Budapest is the icing on the cake

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