Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Goodio Harmony 53%

Goodio are a new bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Finland. All their organic, raw chocolate is made with cocoa beans, coconut palm sugar and cocoa butter, and often desiccated coconut is used, which seems quite random. Goodio is not about cacao origin, but adding flavour to chocolate; this is a route less travelled by bean-to-bar makers. On their website they give some detail on their cacao sourcing, but it reads a little airy 

I was gifted this Harmony bar, as ... hello 🙃 (that is my name). They have bars named Citrus, Coffee, Chai, Blueberry, Cool Mint etc. but what is Harmony flavour exactly?
The flavour was the coconut rolls you get in a bag of liquorice allsorts. I love liquorice, and so this was a really great-tasting chocolate. Harmony flavour includes liquorice root, anise, lemon extract and desiccated coconut, all organic. There was a slight bitterness, far from unpleasant, that finished every piece, I felt that was from the lemon
Goodio is health conscious chocolate with a sweet-tooth and a love for flavour. I like how it is made from the bean, opposed to just cacao powder and butter, of which it often is with the more health-orientated chocolate bars. Goodio had been goodio and I look forward to hearing about their other bars (a friend is trying them)

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