Thursday, 12 May 2016

Georgia Ramon Ghana 70%

A 70% organic Ghananian dark chocolate. A medium roast, ground for 36 hours, conched for 3; I love this detail given on the back of Georgia Ramon's bars. The back also suggested "herb, mild, nutty, with floral peaty finish. With notes of humus and vanilla." 

Georg Bernadini has said that at the moment he hasn't a supplier of organic cacao from Ghana, so production of this chocolate has stopped, for the time-being (he hopes)
An aroma woody, subtly spiced, a dark oak table. This was matched with the taste, but the taste also had cocoa bitterness (but not soooo bitter), gherkin, hummus, "small dishes" - I think I was referring to almost mezze-like dining (Turkish/Persian/Greek, etc.) 
I felt as if I needed a lot of the chocolate in one 'tasting' (by this I mean more chocolate in my mouth) for it to get good. As then it had pronounced floral tones and a subtle but refreshing acidity

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