Monday, 23 March 2015

Willie's Cacao Luscious Orange, Cafe Negro & Ginger Lime

Although American craft chocolate maker Patric's blood orange bar seemed one to lust over, chocolate and orange is a pairing I always disdain. I ended up with this orange chocolate because I went a little trigger-happy with Willie's Cacao recently (I bought these two bars, the Cuban Black 100%, the Peruvian, IndonesianMilk of the Gods & El Blanco again, and was given the Ginger Lime)

Luscious Orange, Baracoa 65
I bought this and the 100% Cuban Black cylinder because I wanted to get a taste of Cuban chocolate, Willie does not make a 'Gold' bar with it

The aroma was like that infamous chocolate orange ... often found at Christmas ... you know the one, I won't mention its name. But then the orange really comes through. It's a REALLY fresh, zesty orange, an orange I wanted right there and then. The taste was soft with orange and a honey sweetness, competing with a resounding cocoa bitterness. Would I buy it again? No
Cafe Negro, Los Llanos 70
Unlike the Luscious Orange, I had tried the cacao canvas of this flavoured bar. It was the Los Llanos, Colombian cacao, then with "the finest" coffee beans, lightly roasted, from local farmers of the Lost City

An aroma very plum, very roasted, malted and spiced. Where the chocolate snaps there was coffee but also ... bad bodily bacteria, I'm sure. The taste was coffee, tomato, bitter cocoa swings by and there was a very fruity note, something citrusy. This fruitiness was nice. Would I buy it again? No

Ginger Lime, Baracoa 70
This was actually a bar I avoided buying on my Willie's spree. The aroma was ginger and grassy, then with lime. The taste was ginger; honey-sweet, slightly bitter chocolate; then lime in the middle taste. The citrus lime was delightful in uplifting the flavour. I found a fruity flavour from the chocolate in the middle/finishing (the best thing about this bar)

The ginger was sugared which meant a grainy and crumbly texture for the chocolate. A piece of soft ginger had been left behind after the melt; I lightly chewed, and there was that spiced sensation on the tongue

This chocolate tasted good, but I don't know - ginger chocolate always seems to remind me of grandmother. Would I buy it again? No, but it was the better one of the three

Because I love the man behind Willie's Cacao, I feel I need to say that although I didn't so much enjoy these chocolates I do like his other chocolate: the Indonesian Gold, Peruvian Gold (minus the roast) the Milk of the Gods and the El Blanco!

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