Friday, 20 March 2015

Madécasse Espresso Bean

A creamy, 44% Madagascan dark milk chocolate with ground Arabica coffee and cocoa nib crunches

The aroma was fresh brewed v60 coffee bloom, or the espresso crema - with fresh cream; it was incredibly soft, smooth and creamy
The first taste was coffee then came caramel-ly chocolate. It was milky and with a salt-enhanced sweetness. I feel that the salt was unnecessary as the taste was 'too sweet'. But before that enhanced sweetness it was flavours of relaxed atmospherics and great beauty. Chewing the chocolate: there was bright, fruity acidity and fermentation, the nibs added a satisfying crunch and gave an acidic/metallic taste. The finish was sweet, coffee and fruity
There was surprisingly some cocoa bean shell scattered on the chocolate, I first noticed in texture but I could actually see it. The coffee had strawberry notes, really quite juicy. The chocolate, being Madagascan, had a little sourness after the caramel flavour

Apart from the intensified sweetness by the salt, I absolutely loved this chocolate and I 100% recommend!

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