Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marou Treasure Island

This 75% Vietnamese cacao chocolate bar came in my Cocoa Runners box a while back. It is made from cocoa from various farms on the Tan Phu Dong Island

I loved Marou's Ba Ria 76 so much, and it was the 2nd small batch, single origin, craft chocolate I had had! I look back so fondly upon it
The aroma, nonpareil. Honey drizzled in rooibos tea and stewed plums, orange blossoms, ***cinnamon*** spice, almond nougat, milky, vanilla and wood. There was a sweet sweet sweetness seeping through which revealed itself to be liquorice root. Ethereal 

The taste, au contraire. Cocoa, opening up to a roasted profile: loose tobacco, still the rooibos tea, and wood. The taste felt like: (   .   ) - almost like it was in the middle of a void. I feel there was too much added cocoa butter. A loss of the true flavour of the cacao! It is a shame because this cacao was phenomenal and the added cocoa butter subdued it

The rooibos built up and then the cocoa finished. I think cocoa in red bush tea would be very nice. This chocolate only fell short of perfection due to its lost taste, but its aroma was beautiful

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  1. I tasted a lot of similar things, including cinnamon, florals and what I would call prunes. Personally I love the French style of chocolate making with a bit more cocoa butter, but that's a personal preference.