Wednesday 21 May 2014

Ubuntu Chocolate Orange Spice and Almonds & Sea Salt

"Ubuntu" - a Zulu (south African ethic group) word meaning togetherness and humanity to others. Ubuntu source their cocoa and ingredients from Sri Lanka, I believe they are very ethical; considering the social, environmental and economical factors with everything they do. In the taste, there's a feeling of high quality and well cared for cocoa beans being used by Ubuntu  

Jeremy (the founder) asked for the chocolate to be shared. I started with the Orange Spice bar. However, sadly, I'm not an orange and chocolate kinda-girl, but from my family's reaction to the chocolate I could tell it was good. The cloves were first noted and the orange flavour was fairly minimal, sitting lightly in the background. My family have a preference for milk chocolate, and it was great to see them all enjoy this 60% cocoa dark chocolate. This chocolate seems rather seasonal, maybe not one for summer but definitely winter

The Almonds & Sea Salt, on the other hand, got me excited. The almond fashioned a slight alcoholic aroma but the chocolate itself smelt so rich and earthen. The chocolate tasted incredibly rich in cocoa which could only be explained by the whopping 44% cocoa solids! I felt the salt was a little lost in taste but when it touched my lips that's when I felt the impact; like little sparks

I must admit, at first I didn't think much of this milk chocolate but, after my delusional thoughts had passed, and the flavours mixed on tongue, I realised the beauty of it. Higher cocoa milk chocolate is now in vogue

Price: 70g bar for £5 (check here)

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