Tuesday 6 May 2014

Cachet Milk Chocolate Almonds & Honey

A rich smell of honey, fairly sweet with floral notes. A milk chocolate combined with honey and roasted Californian almonds sounded delightful. Envisioning standing in the midst of mountains and greenery, drinking fresh milk with herds of cows and sheep before me

A surprising bitter-sweet taste, one that almost seemed acquired. The honey wasn't sweet tasting, but this made the flavours to feel slightly more balanced; it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. It had a floral taste too, notes of rose flower. The almonds gave a creamier taste, yet added a slight bitterness but overall were generally mild

I found this 31% cocoa solids milk chocolate tasted best when it was chewed as finely as possibly, this way I was increasing the taste of almond. Having contained only 18% milk solids made it really lose its 'milk and honey' feel that was only hoped for. I won't be inclined to buy this chocolate again, nor recommend it, but it wasn't bad. I really thought this chocolate was going to be sensational

The cocoa beans sourced from the Quality Partner Program (Ivory Coast)

Like the Elizabeth Shaw Butterscotch Milk Chocolate, the mould of the chocolate was not admirable 

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