Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kiskadee Dark & Creamy Puerto Rico 70%

Kiskadee is a small batch craft chocolate maker in Austin, Texas, U S A. I bought this bar from Chocolatiers where there are a few more Kiskadee bars available. With only two ingredients, the cacao from Aguada, Puerto Rico mixed with 30% pure cane sugar, this chocolate appears to have taken the purer chocolate-making approach
The aroma was tropical fruits, metallic, biscuits and mango. The flavour was fruity, so very citrus, predominantly lime. It had the darkness of dark chocolate, without bitterness. There was a bit of nutmeg, pepper, vanilla, nuttiness. Meanwhile, I thought: wow, I haven't had a chocolate like this in a long time (i.e. before Christmas). This fruity flavour is one I often associate with craft chocolate; I like it, alot

Ideally there would be more fat, as the texture was brittle and it failed to melt adequately. But the aroma, flavour, and 2-ingredient-list made this a very adorning bar of chocolate

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