Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hoja Verde 66%

My second look at Hoja Verde's organic chocolate. My first post was on their Quinoa bar, and I enjoy the Ecuadorian chocolate a lot, so now I go to their 66%. I bought this bar because during three rounds of sampling Hoja Verde it was my favourite

The cacao is grown in the forests of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. In addition there is cane sugar, cocoa butter and non-GMO soy lecithin

The aroma had soy sauce, wasabi, this was a sushi affair, smokiness. All very subtle, simultaneously creating a very attractive aroma. The mouth texture was smooth and buttery. The taste was light cocoa, with the herby flavour of wasabi, the glutinous rice and soy sauce together making it that sushi experience. But overall this chocolate had a warming chocolate flavour and great acidity

An impressive chocolate. Hoja Verde is good. I look forward to my dark-milk chocolate bar of theirs ... 

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