Monday, 8 February 2016

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia 70%

Hotel Chocolat have made this chocolate with cocoa they grow themselves in Saint Lucia, having restored the 250 year old Rabot Estate just over 10 years ago

"Gentleman thief. Opens stealthily with a lock-pick of roasted cocoa before spinning the tumblers with woody roasted notes and nuts. Leaves you a calling card of tannins and tobacco." says Hotel Chocolat in fancy prose, and I'm sold

The aroma was medicinal, roasted and cocoa. The taste was TCP, which was quite nice actually, with foliage and 'chocolate'. Unlike previous Rabot chocolate I've had, the flavour did NOT suggest notes of water, like in the Colombian and Vietnamese  

The texture was grainy with a slow melt. Overall, a likeable chocolate

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