Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tadzio Chocolate and Yuzu Truffles

Tadzio is a London craft chocolate maker, making chocolate in micro nano pico femto atto zepto yocto batches. He's new and there is no finalised packaging or branding YET, but the chocolate quality is sensational. I couldn't not write about it

The picture below is of 71% and 74% Puerto Cabello dark chocolate. Made from Venezuelan cocoa beans and golden sugar only. When you have tried a lot of chocolate, you begin to notice that makers have their own unique aroma and flavour profiles which affixes to what the cacao has to offer. Tadzio's is cotton candy, lime and a little herbal/medicinal 

This Puerto Cabello chocolate had a flavour profile of subtle coffee and greenery, medicinal and with a fruitiness (lime). One of them, I think the 71%, was that little bit more toasty and with a fried umami goodness

In comparison to a previous Puerto Cabello I've experienced, it made me feel that Tadzio can do chocolate like others cannot. Writer of, possibly better known as the author of the Mast Brothers' scandal, recently said that there is a "flood of mediocrity" in craft chocolate, making it harder to "find gems" and that "vanishingly few" small-in-size-chocolate-makers actually pull off making good chocolate. It is very true, unfortunately not all 'craft chocolate' is good. Tadzio, however, is in that vanishingly few

Last November when tasting Tadzio's Bên Tre 70%, the aroma was floral, roobios tea, medicinal, malt, chocolate, vanilla and toasty. The taste was dark, roobios tea, honey - yes, most definitely Vietnamese - great acidity, red wine depth and a chocolate finish. Then later I tried his Venezuelan Carenero. Carenero cacao is so beautiful, and Tadzio captured it superbly, just like he did with the Bên Tre 

Hand rolled yuzu truffles. The bite is a squidgy texture, melting as soon as on the tongue, and the texture becomes so creamy. The taste is sweet clementine with a subtle bitter Seville orange touch, occasionally coming across yuzu zest and it itself unveils to be a unique flavour. Tadzio also makes lavish, fudgy and dense bean-to-brownies, embellished with nuts and gold leaf

Seriously, I cannot commend Tadzio enough, and I cannot wait to see the future of this chocolate maker. To try his chocolate, truffles, brownies get in touch via the Facebook page 

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