Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Chocolate Tree Madagascar 72%

The Chocolate Tree, artisan Scottish craft chocolate makers, specialise in many things, but what I'm most interested in is their forte in bean to bar chocolate and hand crafted chocolates. I have six 45g single origin bean to bar chocolate bars, all cacao being organically farmed: Madagascar 72%, Peru 70% Nibs & Salt, Peru 80%, Ecuador 84%, Ecuador Milk 55% and Ecuador Milk 55% Bergamot & Raspberry

All of The Chocolate Tree bars came wrapped in gold foil paper and a thick floral paper sleeve. The sharp imprint of flowers and leaves upon the chocolate create an intricate and delicate finish design, bringing real opulence to it and unlike any I've seen before

Starting with the only Madagascan bar. This is a blend of Madagascan Criollo and Trinitario beans with cane sugar

A bold, deep red fruit aroma, with a tight smoked touch. Noting a blackcurrant tartness and toasted body: cool, malt roast. The bar was a dark shade of brown, with a slight lack of sheen. The snap was soft

The Madagascan started bitter with a depth of earth, then the fruity element came through almost right away.  An astringent feel on the tongue was balanced then surpassed by the acidity. The sugars within tasted of an incredible quality, along with those cacao beans of course, very rich sweetness. The tannin returned and finished the chocolate, leaving a slight wooded taint

Now to their Artisan Chocolates: made from fresh cream, ethically sourced ingredients and no added preservatives. I adore handmade chocolates

The Coconut
This one was made with Ecuadorian milk chocolate. Creamy. I suspected white chocolate was in the cream filling, but don't take my word for it. Either way, it was just wonderful and very rich. I really couldn't fault it even if I tried

The Rosemary & Salt 
This chocolate was made with the Peruvian 80%. The subtle rosemary and crackles of salt were a celebration on the tongue, just wonderful. The salt lifted up the sweetness so delicately. Rosemary is such an aromatic, graceful herb and this chocolate really did it justice

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  1. I've heard quite a bit about The Chocolate Tree, but I haven't tried any of their chocolate yet. Love the patterning on the chocolate.