Sunday, 11 May 2014

Montezuma's 54% Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons

I've tried Montezuma's chocolate only once before; their American Idol truffle. A salted caramel milk chocolate truffle which I really enjoyed. So with that in mind and Montezuma's being fairly difficult to obtain I thought that it was highly regarded chocolate

Montezuma's use source-certified organic cocoa grown by small farmers' co-ops in the Dominican Republic and Peru

I loved the paper bag packaging. When opening, I was hit with the smell of cocoa. Taste wise I was again hit with the cocoa. The buttons were thick and had a hard bite in comparison to Cadbury Buttons which was great. They tasted reasonably dark with rich cocoa. There were no subtle notes that were picked up on, but they tasted like hot chocolate and brownies

I love dark chocolate but really only powerful dark chocolate which: bursts of subtleties, has distinctive and developmental flavour profiles and has a general high quality feel about it. And these, Montezuma's buttons, were high quality, but they lacked the edge that bean-to-bar chocolate has

The best way to eat them was letting them melt slightly on the tongue and then chew. With a soft, slightly burnt finish, and a hot cocoa flavour, they were good, something I'd have again maybe at the cinema or theatre, but nothing I'd write home about 

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  1. Love Montezuma's chocolate buttons - they are especially good for a long car journey.