Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cachet 32% Madagascar Milk Chocolate

Cacao origin Madagascar, made with a blend of Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero beans. A wide scope, I know, but the "Madagascar" and the unknown brand, Cachet, is what caught my eye and made me to buy. This milk chocolate heavily played on the caramel, with its dark-caramel colour paralleling its caramel aroma and taste. But delving deeper and a soft scent of mint and sweet, creamy taste was perceived

Its sturdy, though soft, snap, long smooth melt and light salted finish impressed me. I enjoyed this Cachet milk chocolate and to see that there was no emulsifier within was surprising as it was just so smooth in texture, but also because rarely do you see chocolate makers avoiding the use of soya lecithin

After a not so great affair with Cachet's Almonds & Honey, I'm glad I also bought this milk chocolate too as it gave me confidence in Cachet chocolate. They have a wide range of origin bars: Ecuador, Vanuatu, Peru, Costa Rica and flavoured bars: cacao nibs, caramel & fleur de sel, pear & almonds, lemon & pepper, blackberry & ginger...

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