Friday, 28 March 2014

Lindt Creamy Milk Cookie Crunch

Through the creamy, indulgent milk chocolate (typical of Lindt) was the smell of rise crisps which was of course the cookie pieces, with a notable malt aroma

As I took my first bite it didn't feel like Lindt. It just didn't seem sophisticated enough: in taste, the way it looked and even the name: Cookie Crunch. However, I was reassured that it was Lindt by the creamy, rich, sweet milk chocolate (although little of that could be tasted as the cookie flavour dominated)
But saying that, the cookie element didn't even taste like cookies, or what we call here in England: biscuits! It really just tasted like rice crisps (with a poor, crumbly texture) and that was seriously disappointing. But, I did like how that distracted away from the sweetness and creaminess of the Lindt milk chocolate...  making me actually quite enjoy it as it didn't have a cloying taste/finish 

If you're to stumble across this chocolate, don't be tempted

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