Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Thorntons Irresistibles: Smooth Coconut & Belgian Truffle

Impressive packaging. I liked the dark colours and contrasting font, overall looking fairly seductive. I must admit that I wasn't overly excited to try these chocolates as neither of them really appealed to me. As I work in a chocolate shop that sells handmade Belgian chocolates, I've found myself to have less interest in industrialised chocolates. Of course I still love them but the quality certainly cannot compete

Smooth Coconut Melts
note: 'Coconut Melts' alone sounds better 
The milk chocolate coating tasted nice, it was creamy and slow melting. After the coating had melted, this then lead to the coconut flavour being exposed. The coconut filling was creamy but tasted artifical and completely overwhelmed the chocolate flavour

The more I had, though, the more I enjoyed. But this is the general rule with anything edible and sweet. It was nice to see that cocoa butter was used in the coconut centre, however the coconut element was just too sweet

"Transport yourself to a beautiful beach on a Caribbean island" - I guess this went without saying, as the tropical flavour made me have a taste of piña colada and summer. Oo a rum twist would have been interesting... 

"drenched in dreamy milk chocolate" - I don't think drenched seems the most appealing adjective that Thorntons could have used. Have they run out of their enticing adjectives? Nevertheless, the milk chocolate definitely was dreamy

Belgian Truffles
I was quite horrified by these truffles. Vegetable fats, no cocoa butter... oh Thorntons, why not use your signature chocolate and simply stir up a ganache? 

The smell and taste was so cheap and woeful; not irresistible at all. It did not taste of chocolate. The vegetable oils used were so powerful in taste. And to top it off, a poor tasting cocoa powder heavily dusted on top. Words cannot describe how disappointed I was with these low quality truffles

I will say one nice thing about these truffles though, they looked better than the droplet appearance of ASDA's Marc de Champagne truffles. I also thought they were of a good size... just a shame about that ghastly taste

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