Monday, 17 March 2014

Thorntons Milk Chocolate with Fudge

A Thorntons milk chocolate block of Papua New Guinea 35% cocoa solids... You may notice that this is Thorntons old packaging design - they've had an exciting makeover! - and after looking at their website it appears that they've got rid of this particular milk chocolate variation. This seems a shame because this was Thorntons only chocolate with its cocoa origin stated

An aroma of creamy coffee was unleashed as soon as I opened the gold plastic bag, I wouldn't have guessed it was fudge

The fudge pieces within gave an interesting texture, but not one that I was totally enthused by. There was a smooth melt but the fudge distracted me away from it. It is a thick block of chocolate which made breaking and biting to be fairly difficult but challenge accepted as I do love chunky chocolate

The milk chocolate tasted lovely and rich with depths of caramel and dark sugars, however this would have most likely been the fudge influencing the chocolate

Overall, an enjoyable chocolate bar... great to see that the chocolate itself contains only cocoa butter for the fat, but the fudge pieces are sadly full of unknown (to me) ingredients... which just made the ingredients list look very messy! 

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