Saturday, 8 March 2014

Marks & Spencer Fairtrade 72% Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee

The aroma fairly smoky, lacking a cocoa intensity but it definitely smelt dark. The coffee was coming through quite substantially and it wasn't too pleasant, sensing more of a 'coffee oil' opposed to freshly ground

The chunks were fairly small but had a lovely dark colouring and of good thickness. A firm snap, but difficult break. The melt was long, releasing little sweet tones. The sweetness balanced with the earthy and oaky tones. The coffee element brought a bitterness, though the chocolate remained fairly sweet - from that I presume that the 72% alone is rather sweet

I enjoyed the texture when chewing. The melt had an oily presence, but this wasn't too bad. It seemed as if I did come across some ground coffee, yet the ingredients simply stated 'coffee flavouring'

The aftertaste was not pleasant; a smoky bitterness along with a drying finish. This chocolate had a notable acidic taste to it which made it have a cooler feel on the tongue

To be honest, I was reluctant to buy this chocolate as I wasn't in the mood for a dark chocolate, and especially not an espresso flavoured dark chocolate.  But I did so anyway, and doing so was a mistake. When I first tried this chocolate I really did not enjoy it, but with my second tasting, which took place at night, I found myself enjoying it that little bit more!

I would not go out of my way to try this chocolate again, the smokiness over did it. I can not commend the coffee flavouring, but I have a feeling I would have enjoyed the 72% chocolate alone

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