Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dick Taylor Belize 72%

Dick Taylor have been crafting chocolate in the land of milk of honey since 2010. This chocolate was made with cacao from Toledo in Belize and cane sugar. Just two ingredients; this purity is typical of American craft chocolate, and I particularly like it
The chocolate had a great temper with a smooth back

It had an aroma of grape, raisin, prune, oak barrels. In the taste was toastiness, dried grape, oak, sunflower oil, balsamic and bamboo leaves. It had this liveliness yet softness about it. The melt was slow and broke up in the mouth, a limitation of purity (i.e no added cocoa butter to smoothen and quicken the melt)

There was a refreshing acidity, which made it mouth watering on the tongue. There was something minted about it, almost like a tainted minty flavour, but unlike most 'tainted' notes this mint was fine

A really lovely chocolate, I even wish  I had savoured it, but like most bars, it only lasted a few hours

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