Thursday, 1 January 2015

Winter Park Chocolate

I was bought these handmade Winter Park chocolates all the way from Florida, and absolutely stunned at that. They came without a menu, so it was going to be a matter of "what flavour can I taste?" and then the more important "do I like it?" (I later found out they do have a Chocolate Guide)

They were fresh chocolates, with a 'best before' of 3-4 weeks
The best of these three (mint, orange, and caramel) was the soft-toffee/caramel. Caramel is one of my favourite flavours. The mint and orange creams were surprisingly nice to me, as I do not usually enjoy orange and mint in chocolate. They weren't too sweet and the mint was refreshing, though I much preferred the orange cream
The peanut butter chocolate sandwich made me wish peanuts and chocolate was a more common combination. With the gold print and unique shape was an amaretto ganache chocolate, it had a real melt in the mouth texture and a lovely taste. Next to it was a chocolate cup with rice crisps. It looked interesting but the bite was too hard and fairly boring when compared to filled chocolates
The plain milk chocolate truffle was simple, and tasted lovely. I think it was the best tasting chocolate of the selection. The lemon white chocolate tasted nice, I again loved the ganache texture and it was incredibly creamy, tasting like a lemon cheesecake. Then here's a great concept: a ball of chocolate cake enrobed in chocolate! Sadly, the cake alone wouldn't have been the best chocolate cake I'd have ever had ... 
I think here was a red velvet cake ball, though I preferred the taste of the other chocolate cake ... Oooh, a lime white chocolate. It had an unusual chewy texture, with a sweet lime taste, lightly citrusy and floral, which was a little soap like. I liked the flavour. Next was most definitely a SALTED caramel. I am not so fond of salt in chocolate, but I have a feeling this one would be very popular. The caramel was fairly salted, making it taste very sweet. I preferred the original soft toffee/caramel
With the green print was a milk chocolate ganache with cappuccino. This one was delicious. Next was another soft-toffee/caramel, I think it was the same as the other one, but that was cool with me as I enjoyed it, though I'd have liked it even more if it was softer. And lastly was another chocolate cup, this time with toasted coconut. With chocolate assortments, I'm more about the fillings opposed to the chocolate, and the cups were too hard and didn't do much for me

My favourites were the milk chocolate ganaches - plain, amaretto, and the cappuccino one! It would have been nice if there was a softer caramel too, as the caramels were too hard/chewy. I love the fact that these chocolates were bought for me in Florida ... :) and that they were handmade! I recommend trying these chocolates - especially if you live nearby - and you can even order/purchase online here!

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