Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Zotter Scotch Whisky & Amaretto-Marzipan

That of Zotter I know and have experienced, I am confident in saying that the chocolate is exceptionally high quality. All ingredients are organic and the chocolate itself, made bean-to-bar, is Fairtrade. With the flavours being so innovative, and the branding especially unique, one could be no less than over the moon to receive a few Zotter chocolate bars, from the man himself, to taste and review!

Zotter currently make just over 100 hand-scooped bars! If I had to pick only a few from the range to try, the Amaretto-Marzipan bar would have certainly been one of them. There are many flavours that will blow your mind, either because they sound so heavenly or just so wild
@ZotterChocolate: At recent tastings people said "you must have a huge development team". They looked stunned when I replied "no, just one man-Josef Zotter" 
The Scotch Whisky bar had a great texture, as I'm sure you can imagine. A thin layer of couverture and then a soft, smooth ganache. Let it melt and oh boy. The taste throughout was whisky, with even the 70% cocoa coating tasting of the spirit. The ganache was ever so creamy and sometimes rather punchy with its flavour, but it didn't give that sensation that whisky does. You know, that throat burning one. Overall, it's an enjoyable flavour pairing, and I guess far more forgiving than pairing chocolate with your whisky drink

The Amaretto-Marzipan had a 60% dark milk chocolate coating. "La Dolce Vita". The coarse textured marzipan was soaked in amaretto and laid upon an almond nougat layer. I had expectations of this chocolate being magical. I liked it, but found myself only really enjoying it at its finish. As at first, the plethora of almond (marzipan, liqueur, nougat (flavoured with almond oil)) seemed almost superfluous. But a few more bites in and the chocolate harmonised with the almond; a delicate and sophisticated flavour had been born. Though still not quite bedazzling, and with its less indulgent mouthfeel, it grew on me, and what I liked most was its bittersweet flavours and how it evoked a taste from my childhood

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