Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zotter Labooko Belize Special 72%

This chocolate consisted of Belize cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and salt, and had been conched for 18 hours. The Belize cocoa mass is the most expensive cocoa Zotter sources, therefore giving reason to the "special" in its name

The aroma was oak, whisky, raisin, floral, and had an acidity that I often call 'urine' which quite suggests the cocoa's fermentation

Belize Special's taste opened with whisky and olive oil, with an almond perking up occasionally. When I've had whisky, I've always loved the sensation but despised its oaky taste. And this chocolate was like a whisky on the rocks, after the rocks had melted. I could taste a toasty roast, and it also reminded me of cherry brandy chocolates. When chewing, it tasted like Italian amaretti biscuits (in particular those cakey ones wrapped in the white paper: Amaretti Autentici). The aroma at times also reminded me of Italian seasoning mix (parsley, truffle, porcini mushroom, garlic etc.). I think the flavour of this chocolate was very sophisticated

It had a reasonably smooth texture. I think this chocolate is for those with a maturer palate. I didn't love it, but it grew on me

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  1. I have issues with Zotter bars at times. I am not a massive fan of the roast and the coffee notes sound over-roasted with the graininess being under conched for me. But that's me and why I buy Chocolat Madagascar, right? :-D Still glad you found it interesting as more people really need to be doing bean to bar!